Gloss and Shine - Hair Mask + Conditioner

Gloss and Shine - Hair Mask + Conditioner

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Whether your hair goes flat or frizzes to the extent you want to stay in bed all day, we would recommend you give this baby a shot, even if just once! Use it as a hair mayonnaise / mask. Hydrates and brings shine to hair.

Ingredients: chamomile, rose, marshmallow roots infused distilled water, glycerine, heydroxyethyl cellulose, carrageenan (Irish Moss/Red Algae), polyquaternium 7 (conditioner), B-5 panthenol, hydrolyzed protein powder, coco betaine, cetearyl alcohol, horsetail oil, nettle leaf oil, broccoli seed oil, extra virgin coconut oil, lavender, pine, lemongrass, and rosemary essential oils 

Directions: Apply as needed to massage unto scalp and on strands of hair. Leave in 20 minutes or overnight (as preferred). Rinse with water or wash while using shampoo as per norm. Hydrates and moisturizes, giving hair a glorious shine and luster while softening hair texture. For most hair types. This is not intended for hair growth stimulation.

150 mL

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