Sugar Plum: Amber of the Sea
Sugar Plum: Amber of the Sea

Sugar Plum: Amber of the Sea

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Amber of the Sea, a flavor of our Sugar Plum has been a favorite over the years as a sugar based scrub / polish. It's partially emulsified and boy, does it pack a punch!

It can be used on the body, is gentle enough for the face, and works just as great for the lips. It leaves the skin squeaky clean and adds that buffed shine. If you're all set to sparkle for the winter months, Sugar Plum is your staple.

With a base of beautiful oils, wax and sugar, laced with vitamin E, and castile, soap this favorite will leave your skin baby soft, hydrated, visibly neater and refreshed.


The texture is gentle and does not act coarse against your skin. Our favorite #lavender and #spearmint #essential oils make it a lovely nourishment for your skin while calming the senses and soothing you after a crazy day. Scrub away dead skin cells while sugar balances out moisture and tones the skin.

Comes in a 2 oz jar

Apply a pea sized amount and massage unto cleansed skin (free of make up etc). Scrub well and rinse clean. Pat dry.

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