The Pandora Perfect Cleanser - Selecting a Flavor

The Pandora Perfect Cleanser - Selecting a Flavor

Our Pandora Perfect Cleanser is the powdered product which transformed the way we look at our skin as one of the firsts to launch back in 2016. The magic lies in the formula.

The cleanser can easily replace your liquid face wash packed with all those harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients. Over the years these cleansers have certainly made countless individuals feel confident in their bare skin! 

Our line of cleansers used daily as a face wash can help you:

  • remove impurities
  • scrub away dirt and dead skin
  • aid with pore minimization
  • reduce redness / inflammation
  • remove tan
  • restore skin to youthful glow
  • even out skin tone
  • combat acne
  • tone down blemishes
  • control skin moisture


While it definitely gets the job done, it's always a question of what flavor do I choose? Which one do I opt for? We break it down for you!

Flavor What's it Like Great for
Briar Rose with dried Persian rose petals and rose oil, this one is mild, works really well against sensitive skin, and has that traditional rose aroma.  All skin types, super for brides to be! Totally a matter of preference (some folks love roses, others don't at all)
Dunes of Egypt slightly reminiscent of the Mediterranean, Dunes of Egypt plays on a different range of aromatic notes.  It holds a Moroccan vibe, but plays with spearmint, peppermint, and patchouli as well. It's made keeping in mind all skin types but works really well on oily skin or skin with troublesome acne. This is because of the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint oil. This also makes for a great skin detox with activated charcoal. It draws out impurities, leaving you for a squeaky clean finish.
Peppermint Perfect feels like a tingly, menthol like scrub. It cools the skin and my feel a little strong if you have super sensitive skin! All skin types can use this, but the tingling takes a little getting used to. This is really popular with men in our customer base. It also is super for troubled acne prone skin.
Peachy Keen if you enjoy mild, fruity flavors, a little peach might work for you. all skin types
Magical Mulberry  this flavor has a strong fruity floral vibe to it, but it's our best selling one, too! all skin types
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