Our Story

Food for your Face was launched back in February of 2016 as an extension of the lifestyle brand, Firefly. To say, on a whim to rescue distressed young women who were exhausted from work and tireless nights, and needed a quick fix to repair the condition of their fatigued skin.

What’s made FFYF stand out, as a product line and venture, is the power packed natural ingredients such as traditional oats, barley, various herbs and flours, in addition to our favorite essential oils. Mama Firefly has nearly 30 years of experience in aromatherapy which we’ve configured into all our products. Each batch is handcrafted fresh by her every week. Ingredients are sourced from the finest of vendors. Most of these ingredients are freshly ground at home. This ensures quality in our mixtures for cleansers, scrubs, and face packs.

Over the last four years we have successfully added wet masks, scrubs, serums, hair oil and more to our product range. Each of these has been raved about or spoken of highly by various social media influencers, bloggers, celebrities and more. We have been extremely blessed to do what we do, and could not be happier to serve smiles through our efforts for happy skin! Each of us was created beautiful, and we should feel content in our own skin. 

We are a home based initiative with a humble approach to our work. We are growing and learning everyday, and we hope to continue to do more to offer the best of natural skin care locally. Happily handcrafted, here in Pakistan.