Why do you guys take so long?
We produce in micro batches, trying our best to offer fresh items when  you order them. Due to the product variety it takes us time to produce everything.

Can you make items without essential oils?
Our range was founded on the basis of essential oils, the products are developed with research and science to formulate skincare which works for YOU.

I haven't yet received my order, when will I get it?
You may email us with your order number and we'll update you. Items are prepared in batches across 10 working days.

I want to pay via COD but I'm not in Karachi.
We unfortunately do not offer COD outside Karachi.

How can I trust your business by paying in advance?
You're welcome to have a look at years of our work and service, countless repeat customers, and real stories / feedback on our social media. We stand with ethical practice and work with integrity. We'd never keep your payment or not ship your order.

Where can we view your items?
We're stocked at ENSEMBLE, E Street Clifton.

Can you customize an item for me?
Sadly, due to the production cycle and nature of our batch size production, we cannot offer customizations on our products.

I received an incorrect item, can I return it?
If your order is received incorrectly, it is our full responsibility to send the missing items and take back the incorrect item.

I ordered an item, used it once, can I return it?
Sorry, we do not take back used / opened items.

I mistakenly ordered the wrong item, can I return it?
We sadly cannot take returns on items incorrectly ordered as these are made on your request. If you've ordered incorrectly, kindly email us within 24 hours. You receive an automated email from the website once you place an order which has all the relevant details pertaining to your order including the items, the quantity, prices, etc.


I ordered x product, it didn't work for me, but my sister / aunt / mom / friend swear by it.
It's very normal for a certain product to suit one and not the other, simply because our genetic make up and skin is different from the other person. We have underlying allergies, sometimes we ourselves aren't familiar with. It may also be because of our lifestyle ( the self care routine we follow, our water intake, the foods we eat, the stress levels, and the sleep pattern) or because of other products we may be using simultaneously.

Your product is pathetic, it didn't suit me.
With thousands of units sold, we can't claim that we make everyone happy, but we're grateful to all those who believe in our product and vouch for it. There are countless reasons a product may not work for you, it could be the incorrect application, underlying medical issues, allergies, or troubled skin which requires medical attention / intervention by a medical professional. It's perfectly normal to not have a product work for you, even if everyone else is buying it or raving about it. Always do a skin patch test. Check for allergies. Make sure you're storing or using it correctly without raising havoc on your skin. Each of us is unique, your skin is, too!

Your products are super pricey.
Majority of the ingredients used in formulation of FFYF products are actually imported or high end. Most of them are Eco-Certified organic, as well. Imports are impacted by the dollar, and inflation of course. Everything from the containers to the packing materials are costly. We also offer quality in the items we produce, we do not make do with dupe materials or ingredients to lower our costs of production.

Why's the quantity of the gels and serums so small?
The quantity is adequate for 6 to 8 weeks depending on  your usage. A small dab is all that's really required. You do not need to lather layers of a product to make it work for you.

The color is slightly different this time around for x product.
While the formula is the same for all our products throughout, there is slight variation in color due to batch size and based on the herbs / ingredients. It has no difference on the quality of the product.

The scent is less strong this time.
We tamper the scents / potency of oils to be compatible with the weather / change in season.