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Oh My Goji Serum

Oh My Goji Serum

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Oh My Goji Serum ❤ 

Made with organic goji berry, aloe vera gel, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, vit e oil, and lavender.

Restores hydration levels of the skin, works its magic to revive dull skin. Goji berries are a gift from the Amazon. Great for collagen production, packed with anti oxidants, and vitamin C, which helps lighten sun spots. Beta ceratene also reverses sun damage. The mixture of oils aid in reducing fine lines, giving the skin a hydrating boost. Mythical aloe works its  charm as an anti inflammatory, and anti bacterial, diminishing prospects of acne.

Are you excited? We are!

A little jar goes a long way. Dab lightly across and massage over the skin.

1 oz jar, lasts about a month

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Ingredients: organic goji berry, aloe vera gel, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, vitamin E oil, and lavender oil.

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Customer Reviews

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Mehvish Uzair Shaikh

Bought these products from Food for your Face. Oh my goji serum is the best serum ever. i am using it and found great results.

Kulsoom G
Best for Karachi's winters

If hydrating gel is for summers, this serum is for Karachi's winters as it's texture is slightly thicker than hydrating gel.

My face broke out when I tried it in /last/ August but instantly fell in love with it in late October when I ran out of hydrating gel.

Ps : It's a good alternate for primer. I didn't have to bring my primer with me when I travelled to my hometown, saved space (in my makeup bag). It even protected my skin from my hometown's harsh winter.

Recommended for winters.

Hamnah Fatime

I recently tried it's Oh My Goji Serum.
.All skin types and best for oily skin.
.It's smell amazing.
.I've tried many mostruizer beauty oils etc..but this serum is very different as it provides a glow in every application and it's worked amazed to my skin.
.I am applying this daily day and night time,I've felt a huge difference in my skin texture.
💫Try it and let me know how this product work for you.


I was introduced to this serum by my favorite actor @arijfatymajafri in her YT video 😍
This tiny jar is seriously amazing ❤️
🌸 The consistency is water based and liquidity ingredients are already mentioned on the packaging
🌸 All skin types and best for oily skin types
🌸 It smells divine I can smell this all day
It claims to revive dull skin, treat wrinkles, helps lighten sun spots, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial .
🌸 I've tried so many moisturizer, beauty oils etc but this serum is very different you will surely love it as it provides a glow in every application. It always helped me out for removing occasional pimples If your skin is textured it will work amazingly for your skin .
🌸 It doesn't leave oily residue nor it feels heavy it's a very gentle serum but truly magical .
🌸 I am applying this daily at night time I've felt a huge difference in my skin texture
My skin is smooth and brighten oh you can use this as a primer as well .
Rating: 10/10

Marium Fahad

Kinda in love with the Oh My Goji serum by @foodforyourfacepk. The gel base is so soothing on the skin especially after a round of #dermaplaning, waxing or even the regular makeup removing routine that strips the face of natural oils and leaves it tight and dry.
It leaves the skin feeling so quenched and supple that you won't be able to stop touching it!
It's packed with goodness of Aloe, jojoba and so much more.