The Refresher Hydrating Gel

The Refresher Hydrating Gel

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Another Hydro Booster... The Refresher. This has a tingle and cooling effect on the skin with oils the like of spearmint in the formula. With calming properties of cucumber extract, and softness of the skin guaranteed with silk peptide... this mini jar goes a long way! Base of aloe vera gel combined with other oils makes The Refresher a great pick in this any weather requiring hydration for parched skin. Keep having that water and add this staple to your skincare regime!

With regular use, the skin is sure to glow, feel tighter, appear neater and brighter, while keeping skin moisture in tact and refreshed. Replenish moisture and keep the skin feeling soft to the touch.

Ingredients: aloe vera gel, glycerin, silk peptide powder, DL panthenol, apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil,  cucumber extract, bergamot oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, and spearmint oil.

1 oz jar.

Application is a small dab. Not to be applied like a cream or lotion in excess.

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