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Berrilicious Serum

Berrilicious Serum

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Berrilicious is a game changing serum formulated with MSM and Hyaluronic Acid. It can be applied to rejuvenate skin, work as an anti aging serum, build up collagen, and hydrate the skin.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) PURE organic sulfur, also known as DMSO2 (Dimethylsulfone), which is found in all plants and tissues. Considered to be nature's beauty mineral due to it's ability to enhance collagen bundles and restore the foundation for healthy skin. MSM is necessary to both collagen and keratin, where it can help to keep the skin smooth and youthful, and the hair glossy and lustrous. In nutrition circles MSM is well known as a building block for collagen and connective tissues, making it an excellent approach to anti-aging skin care.

MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) is an extremely versatile, food grade, ingredient which can be utilized in any of your skin care products that are geared toward anti aging and firming treatments, as well as in you massage / body lotions and creams geared toward pain relieving treatments.

A little known benefit to this wonderful skin care additive is its absorption  enhancing ability. MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) is an excellent way to enhance the absorption of more costly actives making them more available to the tissues, which is beneficial in anti-aging skin care.

MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) is well known in the treatment of pain, joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, musculoskeletal pain, muscle cramps, scar tissue, and stretch marks.


  • collagen support
  • elasticity and tone
  • overall skin / hair health

Hyaluronic acid

It is well known for its skin benefits, especially alleviating dry skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and speeding up wound healing.

Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol, Distilled Water, Rose and Calendula Glycerites, Propendiol 1,3, MSM- Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid, Bearberry Extract, Natural Presevative- Goegard Ultra, Lavender Essential oil.

Apply two drops to the tip of your finger and massage onto skin.

18 mL

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